Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Saturday, September 11, 2010

135: Well-Oiled Teamwork -Ben-

The man stared at Carl with a murderous look, "You still remember that after all this time? Quite the soldier."

Nick pulled himself to his feet and slowly walked toward the man’s back, a look of concentration on his face. I signaled him to wait and he stopped moving closer.

"Melissa, you are just one man and we are a team." Carl glared at the man intently.

"Carl, you're on the wrong side. I'm doing what's right and you are standing in my way." The man lifted his hand and swung it down. Carl lifted from the ground and flew backwards in to the cockpit. The plane tilted forward as a loud thump was heard.

"Carl! What are you doing? Bring it somewhere else!" The plane slowly leveled out as the man went toward the cockpit.

Despite the fact that I had no idea what was going on, I couldn't let more people get added to my body count. I signaled to Nick who ran toward the man’s back.

The man spun quickly, pushing forward with his palms toward Nick; who was thrown backwards in to the passenger cabin again. The man smiled as he stared at Nick.

"The warlock wants to tussle, huh?"

I yelled to Crystal, "Tell the passengers to go as far back in the plane as they can! This is getting ugly!"

"Is that all yo-", the man fell forward to his knees by Carl's swing to the back of his head. Carl's foot connected with the seat of his pants, sending him sprawling forward in to the emptying passenger cabin. Nick went to run up.

"Nick! Distance! Let Carl do the close work."

Nick stopped as Melissa pulled himself to his feet, "You guys are just so cute! I'd really hate to make your bodies go all splitty-splatty."

Nick swung his fingers toward Melissa, and he lifted off the ground. Melissa's body was jerked in to the wall, and then in to Carl's foot as he swung it in to Melissa’s side. The sound of cracking ribs could be heard as he fell to the ground. Carl stepped back and nodded at Nick.

"Warlocks are cheating.", Melissa pulled himself to his feet, "Humans aren't supposed to be so powerful. You should be drooling in caves."

"Still in control?", I yelled back to Crystal.

"I got this.", she sounded confident.

Nick’s fingers moved but he was too slow.

"No Cheating!" With a sweep of Melissa's hand, Nick went stiff and fell to the ground. Then Melissa turned to Carl who was making a move, sweeping his hand up and to the left. Carl flew to the left and slammed in to the door to the plane. Melissa wasn't done yet.

Melissa slammed him in to the door again, "You can't stop me, Carl. As long as my real body doesn't hear, my name has no effect. So I can just keep smacking you in to this door until one of two things happen. The door can open, or you can die."

"Crystal, go right!", I felt the plane turn as I yelled. The sharp tilt of the plane caused Melissa to lose his balance; and his control. Nick jumped up and grasped the man by the arm.

He swung his hand toward Melissa's back, connecting with a thump. Melissa looked up at him and laughed, "Is that it? Your leader-person was right, you should have kept a distance."

Nick smiled at him with a surprisingly friendly smile, "This was fun."

Flames erupted from the man’s chest as Nick released his magic. I watched as the man’s body burned away from the inside.

"Carl, don't come after me! If you do, I'll kill all your little friends!" He yelled as his flaming body fell away to ash.

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