Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Monday, July 16, 2012

223: Simple -Christina-

"Is that how you respond to everything?! Beating it to death?" He was angry, and at the time I hadn't realized that not only had I been in the wrong but his anger was less about what I'd broken and more about molding me into a person that could exist alongside humans.

"It wasn't working! The stupid thing never works and the retarded human landlord never tries to fix it!" I stomped my foot.

"Excuse me, I guess that means that we punch it until it works. What was I thinking?! I mean, you're only human right? It's not like you could punch a hole in solid steel!" He pointed at the wreckage that was once a stove his eyes furious.

I curled my hand into a fist, "Your stuff is so pathetic and weak, how was I supposed to know!?"

Sam stepped up to me and stared into my eyes, "Right now, you're stuck with weak and pathetic so get your act together!"

I admired his bravery, which at first I'd taken as being uninformed. Soon, however, I realized that he'd learned how much I was capable of and still wasn't afraid to tell me off. It was part of him that made my heart flutter sometimes; something I'd gone to the doctors several times about and was always told that I was fine and then smirked at.

"Why do you even care?! You met me in a corner store and all I seem to do is break things! It's not like I'm a friend, or family. I'm a no one that you'd probably be better off getting rid of!"

He didn't respond, and I took this chance to make the killing blow, "Yeah, exactly. I've been here for nearly two months and so far I've broken most of the things in the house! Is that what you intended by bringing me here? Am I your wrecking crew so that you can get your revenge against your ass of a landlord!?"

"No." His response was low and meek.

"Then why!? Why would you keep me around for so long?!"

"Because I love you!" I hadn't expected him to respond like that. and the roles were suddenly reversed; now I was quiet and unable to respond, "At first you were the most annoying person on the planet and I couldn't wait until I'd helped you enough to get you out! Do you remember that night last week when you ran off? God, I was so happy; I'd thought you'd gone forever! That lasted only a few moments before I realized that the house was so empty without you here. I found myself staring at your log-in on the Xbox and being unable to eat because you weren't there to talk to. The more time passed the more I found things that I missed about you; Your hair after a shower, the way you hide your smiles so badly that it's obvious your smiling beneath your hand. You are the most difficult woman I know and even though you won't explain anything to me I still find myself completely and unstoppably entranced when you're around. I even missed how I could never win against you in a video game; it was insane. It IS insane!"

That was the first time Samuel had confessed his love and it wouldn't be the last time either of us said it.

"Wake up!" In seconds I was yanked from my dream and forced into a reality where everything had gone wrong.

"Are we there?" I sat up.

"Yeah, any moment now." Melissa, the arrogant, loud fairy of evil sneered, "So who's Samuel? You wouldn't stop saying his name the entire time you were sleeping. I've never seen your kind cry like that."

I didn't dignify her questions with an answer; she was just trying to get under my skin. I knocked on the window between the back of the truck and the drivers seat. It slid open.

"We're almost there. I don't have any idea why you'd want to be brought out here in the middle of nowhere, nothing here for miles."

Carl and Qaliphus had been tracked here by the powerful fairy magic Melissa commanded. Here was where they'd try to revive the fairy race and make this world their own. In the end we decided that Ben should be kept in the dark. Not only wouldn't he trust the word of Melissa, but he didn't even know me.

So it was just me and Melissa trying to save the world we'd come to love like our own.

And it made me feel human.

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