Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Monday, June 6, 2011

191: Running Out Of Time -Carl-

One second Bob had been right in front of me, working hard to keep his ground while we attacked. The next he caught Saba in the chest with a palm, sending her flying into a wall.

He spun and planted his foot on the side of my leg with just enough force to knock me off my feet. The world spun as I flipped to the floor. Another kick to my gut and I was slamming into the wall as well. The pain was unbelievable. I'd never been hit so hard in my entire life, and that's saying something.

Bob was an entirely different level of God than what I'd been facing all this time. His body moved smoothly and with deadly precision, every movement made toward his benefit.

Bob sidestepped two fireballs as he closed the distance between him and Nick. The first swing Nick deflected with a flash of bright light, but the second caught him across the face. Bob swept back his fist and delivered two quick jabs to Nick's gut.

He wasn't knocking Nick aside, he was going for the kill. I fought the pain as I pushed myself to my feet. Bob had all ready killed one of my friends. I wasn't going to let him take Nick as well. As he swung back his fist I brought my arm underneath his, and used my weight as leverage to toss him the way I'd come. Bob's face was filled with surprise as he collided with a pillar.

Nick fell to his knee as he pulled himself together. I could see the pain on his face, and judging by where those hits had landed, I'm sure there was a few broken bones.

"Are you alright?"

"I should be fine. Saba?"

"She hasn't gotten up. She may be really hurt."

"Everyone else?"

"Everyone but Ben is outside. Ben is trying to find a way to send this guy back where he came from."

"Enough!", Bob's elbow slammed into my back, followed by a swift fist to my side. The pain surprised me as it shot up my side and back. I felt a blast of searing heat as I fell and heard Bob yelp. Nick's close quarters flame had unexpectedly caught him in the chest.

Bob jumped back, a circle of burnt flesh on his chest, "Argh, I hate warlocks!"

My hands found his feet during his distraction, and with a yank he had his back on the floor. Out of nowhere Saba's foot swung. A loud cracking sound filled the room as her foot treated Bob's head like a football.

Bob rolled away as I pulled myself to my feet again. I glanced at Saba, and found it difficult to decipher who was in control right now. Her actions were like her dark side, but her eyes were more caring. Something had changed with her, something big.

"So you think you're strong? Just because some bitch says you are?", Bob wiped the blood from his mouth, though it didn't help. He looked liked he been in a car accident, "You're nothing. Do you know why you humans were made? You were made to serve us. Made to be our personal slaves."

He laughed, "It would have stayed that way too, but the council took pity on you. They decided that the old legends meant you for a different purpose. Do you know what I think?"

"I thin-", a fireball narrowly missed his face, bringing him to silence.

"I don't care what you think.", Nick readied another spell, "The only important thing right now is that you came to a peaceful place intending to hurt people. You decided that we were weak. You decided that we needed to be destroyed. So here we are, destroy us, or let us destroy you. Either way . . . "

Nick hurled the largest fireball I'd ever seen toward Bob, " . . . SHUT UP!"

Bob ran to the left only to find Saba waiting. She waved her hand and three swords lifted up from a nearby exhibit as Nick's fireball smashed into the wall and exploded. Shards of hot rock flew everywhere, one catching Bob in the back of the head and sending him sprawling to the floor.

Saba was on him in seconds, her blades whistling as Bob rolled to avoid them. He flipped to his feet and spun. His foot caught her on the chin and her concentration was lost, making the swords fall to the floor around her. He didn't have a second to continue with her because I moved in to take her place.

Face, gut, groin, neck, waist; my swings were blocked easily as if I were a child. A quick amount of pressure from his palm hit my chest, shooting me backwards into Nick.

We had to figure out his weakness fast, or we were going to lose.

Bob smiled darkly and began walking toward Saba, who lay unmoving on the ground.

"Well, I guess your first to die then." He laughed.

This wasn't going well.

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